Epoxy Systems

There are many types of epoxy systems to meet your overall vision, appearance and functionality of your epoxy flooring installation.

These various systems depend on budget, substrate and overall achievement of owner/architect.

Performance Top Coats vary from epoxies to urethanes that provide the ultimate protection for your new seamless floor. From high solids urethane  to new greener urethane systems.

These top coats can have a high gloss or matte finish.

It all starts with the prep, epoxy flooring needs to have the best bond possible to the concrete/wood floor. With our dual edco floor grinders, we are sure to get the best prep possible.

​​Finishing an epoxy floor requires high performance urethane top coats. This is the ideal way to finish off your epoxy floor, these top coats are abrasion, chemical, UV resistant and can tolerate heavy foot traffic, vehicular traffic, forklifts & more.



Epoxy Broadcast

Broadcast systems vs. coating systems all depend on the over all achievement your looking for. Broadcast floors are more impact resistant due to the broadcast and allow for heavy day to day traffic. Minimum 3/16" floor will be installed with these broadcast systems vs. coating systems which are measured in mils.


Epoxy Coatings

Coatings consist of a primer, body coat & top coat. These are common in mechanical rooms, warehouses, janitor closets etc. They offer a clean monolithic finish with the square footage price less then broadcasted systems.


Decorative Epoxy Flake & 4 inch cove base

Decorative Flake broadcasts also have the characteristics of a broadcast floor. These are great for common areas, bathrooms, garages, basements etc. The color combinations are endless.


Metallic Coating Epoxy Systems

Metallic floors are becoming the popular choice in decorative epoxy systems. These systems are common in restaurant common areas. These floors provide a better alternative to polished concrete while maintaining a decorative finish.


Wall & Floor Epoxy Systems

Wall & Flooring systems provide the ultimate water tight systems on the market. They consist of a monolithic seamless finish.  These systems can be installed over existing quarry tile/wood/cement board. The options are endless.


Waterproof Flooring

Deck & balcony systems provide a waterproof membrane with a decorative or solid color finish. These elastomeric membranes allow flexibility in which prevents cracking and peeling.

These systems are a great alternative to fiberglass decking.

Most epoxy flooring systems take up to 3-5 days to complete.

There is a process to these systems to achieve the ultimate goal.

Fast cures can be used to speed up the process but can only be applied in certain steps.